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Qingyang Mayor Lu Xiaoheng led a delegation to visit Shanghai Wuzheng Company

Morning of April 22, 2021, vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor of qingyang city Lu Xiaoheng e is a line to visit Shanghai engineering technology co., LTD to visit guidance, e is chairman of the board of directors of the company in Shanghai bao-ming wang warm reception the guests, and welcomed the arrival of Lu Xiaoheng mayor line and thank, the two sides held a special meeting on topics of common interest.

Zhang weibo, member of the standing committee of qingyang municipal committee and vice mayor, representatives of Shanghai electric and Shanghai yuanhan, liu shunfu, vice chairman of Shanghai wuzheng company, and personnel from relevant departments of the company also attended the meeting.


Dong tao, vice mayor of qingyang municipal government, introduced the cultural history of qingyang, and Chen yan, assistant general manager of wuzheng company, introduced the main advantages of the company.

Chairman Wang Baoming said that Wuzheng will fully support the local development of Qingyang City by relying on its own advantages and organizing resources from all sides. Mayor Lu expressed his gratitude to Wuzheng for its long-term support, and expressed his strong support to the planned projects with corresponding policies and special classes.

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