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Puyang new-type chemical base gasification island project feasibility study smoothly passed

On September 19, 2020, an expert review meeting was held on the Feasibility Study Report of Raw Gas Synthesis Public Engineering Project (Gasification Island) of Puyang New Chemical Base in Puyang City. Municipal development and reform commission, the municipal bureau of industry and information technology, natural resources and planning bureau, the city ecological environment bureau, the city emergency management agency, puyang city industrial park, Shanghai source Han invited, e feasibility study unit during the meeting in Shanghai engineering technology co., LTD. And the tripod engineering co., LTD., respectively for the feasibility study report for the detailed report.


This project uses coal as raw material to produce hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other public engineering gases for use in puyang new chemical base. The expert group conducted a detailed review of the feasibility study and put forward suggestions for improvement. After the review, the expert group considered that the selection of the project process route was reasonable, the evaluation method was scientific, and the technical and economic indicators were advanced. The expert group agreed to pass the review and suggested to carry out the next step as soon as possible.

24/5000  Puyang new-type chemical base gasification island project feasibility study smoothly passed 

The development of hydrogen energy is a good entry point to integrate into the national industrial policy layout, and is an important component of the development strategy of Puyang New Chemical Industry Base. The partial centralized hydrogen supply is the inevitable choice to perfect the industrial layout and development, and the coal synthesis gasification island is the reasonable choice to supply gas. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will play a positive role in further improving the petrochemical industry chain of Puyang New Chemical Industry Base. The construction of Gasification Island project will also speed up the landing of hydrogen fuel cell project, which is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises to occupy the market and enhancing the overall economic benefits of the park.

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