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Puyang industrial park held gasification island project docking symposium

On the afternoon of August 11th, Liu Pujun, secretary of the party working committee of the industrial park, presided over the docking forum of the gasification island project of Puyang industrial park. District leader Li Shanrong and relevant persons in charge of Party and Government Office, Economic Development Bureau, Construction Bureau, China Merchants Bureau, Natural Resources and Planning Sub-bureau, Environmental Protection Sub-bureau, Fire Brigage and Dongsheng Company attended the meeting.


At the meeting, the industrial park and Shanghai yuanhan energy technology co., LTD., Shanghai wuzheng engineering technology co., LTD., had an in-depth discussion on construction land, water and electricity supply, environmental protection, steam pipeline, fire protection and other aspects.


Liu Pujun stressed that the Gasification Island project is an important public utility project approved by the municipal government. The new chemical base of 65 square kilometers and the coal target of 800,000 tons are the two policy dividends given to Puyang by Henan Province, which have injected strong impetus and laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of Puyang. The industrial park is a demonstration area leading the new chemical industry base of 65 square kilometers. Accelerating the construction of public infrastructure and the use of coal indicators will accelerate the development pace of the industrial park. We hope that Shanghai Yuanhan and Shanghai Wuzheng Company can efficiently come up with feasible investment and landing plans for the next step of docking.



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