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Mr. Wang Baoming, Chairman of Shanghai Wuzheng Company, led a delegation to Xuefeng Holding Company

On March 30th, wang baoming, chairman of Shanghai wuzheng company, led a delegation to xuefeng holding company to have an exchange discussion on the choice of new technology path and industrial planning of coal chemical industry. The two sides discussed the development trend of the industry and the plan of cooperation and development based on the '2+N' industrial layout of Xuefeng Holding Company.


At the exchange meeting, Kang Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Xuefeng Holding Company, welcomed Shanghai Wuzheng Company and introduced the development situation of the company. Kang Jian pointed out that the exchange with Shanghai Wuzheng Company is aimed at strengthening communication and seeking cooperation and development opportunities. It is hoped that the two sides can give full play to their respective advantages, promote industrial integration, make layout plans in advance, and make good preparations for the full implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Sun Du, assistant to the chairman of the board and president of the Innovation Research Institute, proposed to make full use of the advantages of Xinjiang's coal resources and location, extend the industrial chain and enhance the competitiveness of products, starting from the characteristics of Xinjiang's resource endowment. Wang Baoming expressed the same expectation that through this in-depth exchange, consensus can be reached and a cooperation framework and action plan can be formed.


The two sides had in-depth exchange of views on technical solutions of coal chemical projects, future chemical business direction and product planning, and new chemical technologies. The large-scale technology of producing ethylene glycol by medium and high pressure carbonylation of syngas, the technology of preparing oxamide by medium and high pressure carbonylation of syngas, the new technology of coal pyrolysis gasification, the coal chemical industry and product planning, the research and development of new technology and the construction of demonstration projects were discussed.

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