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The feasibility study of Qingyang Jinqing Energy Co., Ltd. coal pyrolysis quality utilization projec

On January 4th, solstice6, an expert review meeting was held in Qingyang Hotel for Qingyang Jinqing Energy Co., Ltd. 'Feasibility Study Report of 400,000t/a Coal to Glycol Project' and 'Feasibility Study Report of 500,000t/a Coal Pylytic Quality Utilization Project'. Vice Mayor Yang Shoujin of Qingyang Municipal Government and relevant departments of the city, relevant departments of Ning County Government, relevant departments of Changqingqiao Industrial Concentration District Management Committee, national expert review group, evaluation expert group of local competent departments, Qingyang Energy Chemical Group Company, shareholders and intention investment units were invited to attend the meeting. During the meeting, the feasibility research and preparation units, Beijing Branch of China Global Engineering Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., respectively made detailed reports on the two projects.


The ethylene glycol unit is to adopt Shanghai Wuzheng high-pressure carbonylation technology to produce ethylene glycol from syngas, and the coal pyrolysis unit is to adopt Zhejiang University double-circulating fluidized bed pyrolysis semi-coke gas tar co-production technology. The expert group carefully reviewed the feasibility study and put forward suggestions for improvement. After comprehensive review, it was considered that the selection of the project process route was reasonable, the evaluation method was scientific, and the technical and economic indicators were advanced. Finally, it passed the review with all votes.

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