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Ubiquite synthesis gas to ethylene glycol technology has made a breakthrough

It is reported that Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., a practitioner in the field of syngas to ethylene glycol, has made new progress in the past two years, and the synthesis gas glycol technology has made breakthroughs. In the first generation of low-pressure carbonylation process to produce ethylene glycol technology, the second generation of medium and high pressure synthesis gas to ethylene glycol technology was successfully developed and successively obtained a number of patent certificates for syngas to ethylene glycol, including Process system for producing dimethyl carbonate from industrial syngas 2013204941749', 'A device for producing ethylene glycol in parallel to produce dimethyl carbonate in industrial syngas' 201420296748.6 and 'A coupling for carbonylation coupling' Industrialized plate reactor 201210407063.x' and the like.

To the deadline, Shanghai Wuzheng has obtained nearly 10 patent certificates related to ethylene glycol for syngas. In addition, according to the data, there are still five related patents (including PCT) in Shanghai Wuzheng in the preliminary or actual trial. At this point, Shanghai Wuzheng has become the most relevant patent in the synthesis gas glycol industry, and is currently the only company in the industry with a full-process patent. The issuance of these patent certificates reaffirmed Shanghai's leading position in the field of syngas to ethylene glycol, and also greatly promoted China's pace from coal chemical industry to coal chemical industry.

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