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Shanghai Wuzheng company achieved a major breakthrough in ethanol technology

As of January 2012, the company's research and development center made a major breakthrough in the use of acetate hydrogenation to produce ethanol. The results show that the catalyst conversion and selectivity of this technology are higher than the published literature reports, and no strong corrosive acid is produced. At present, the industrialized catalyst for the hydrogenation of acetate to ethanol has been finalized and will be transferred to industrial applications in the near future. The industrialization of the process can use ordinary carbon steel as the reaction equipment, and the investment of the same scale of acetic acid hydrogenation to ethanol is less than the investment of the synthesis gas methanol main plant. According to preliminary calculations, the comprehensive cost of producing ethanol by this technology is lower than the cost of ethanol production by conventional fermentation methods. For enterprises with acetic acid and acetic anhydride production and sales falling into a trough, Vinylon enterprises and enterprises with by-products of acetate can produce ethanol through technological transformation to improve the profitability of enterprises.

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