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Wuzheng signed a project contract with a domestic company

After entering the second half of 2008, affected by the international financial turmoil, the domestic chemical industry was affected by different degrees. Many enterprises originally scheduled or proposed projects were postponed or cancelled. In this context, the industry has entered a new wash. Card stage.


      High-tech companies with forward-looking and independent intellectual property rights will have more room for development, while enterprises with traditional backward production technologies will shrink or be eliminated.


Shanghai Wuzheng Company has always stood at the forefront of technology development, analyzing the direction of industry development, spending huge sums of money to develop forward-looking, emerging coal chemical technology in line with national industrial development policies, and actively promote clean coal chemical and chemical products polygeneration technology. At present, the technology has been recognized by many well-known domestic enterprises; as of December 2008, it has been in contact with Inner Mongolia 3D Coal Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Group, Shanxi Zhongbao Investment Company, Xingtai Zhongneng Energy Development Co., Ltd., etc. The company signed a project contract.

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