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China's first high-content H2S acid water acid gas project started successfully

The high-H2S acidic water acid desulfurization project, a high-H2S acidic water acid desulfurization project, was provided by Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., which was designed with technical design. It was successfully launched in Tengzhou, Shandong Province. The H2S content in the acid gas treated by the device is as high as 46.5%. After the desulfurization treatment, the H2S content is less than 3ppm, and the qualified sulfur is produced, which is highly praised by the owner. At present, the project of Wuzheng and its owners are applying for the demonstration project of energy saving and emission reduction in Shandong Province. The commissioning of the project marks that the domestic problem of acid gas treatment with high H2S content has been overcome.

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