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WZEC Chairman Mr. Wang Baoming Visited Shaanxi Huabin Zhengkai Company

 On September 5, Wang Baoming, Chairman of Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. and Niu Qingyan, Chairman of Kaifeng dongjing Energy Technology Co., Ltd., visited Huabin, Shaanxi Province, to learn about the construction of the company's 300,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project. Liu Shunfu, General Manager, Vice-General Manager, Changcheng and Liu Zhanhai were accompanied by them. Investigate.


  Wang Baoming, chairman of Shanghai Wuzheng, and Niu Qingyan, chairman of Kaifeng Tokyo, first went deep into the construction site of 300,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project to understand the construction situation, and then held a research seminar in the company conference room. At the meeting, everyone spoke freely and had a full exchange. Liu Shunfu reported on the internal and external situation, risks and contradictions faced by the company, and the leaders in charge reported on their respective businesses in detail.

  The 300,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project is located in the reserved area of Shaanxi Runzhong Clean Energy Co., Ltd. and is designed by China Universal Engineering Design Institute using the second generation of high-pressure carbonylation ethylene glycol synthesis technology (STEG-II) of Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. EPC general contracting is adopted for the construction of the project. The construction period is 18 months. The project is scheduled to be completed by December 2020 and has the conditions for material input.


  At the meeting, Chairmen Wang Baoming and Niu Qingyan fully affirmed the substantive development of the company's 300,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project construction, and proposed that the company must have clear objectives, firm confidence, face difficulties, keep a close eye on the project construction objectives, plan scientifically, come up with feasible action plans, and compete for each other. Second, throw down your body, heart and soul, and work hard to ensure that the project construction task is achieved on schedule.

 At the same time, the chairmen of Shanghai Wuzheng and Kaifeng Tokyo said they would spare no effort to support the company's 300,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project construction and promote the project to be completed and put into operation as soon as possible.

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