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Xiaoyi 8.2 Billion Coke Oven Gas Project is a Key Construction Project of Shanxi Province

       On the morning of February 1, Xiaoyi held the signing ceremony for the first provincial key construction project in 2018. The project is a coke oven gas comprehensive utilization project with a total investment of 8.2 billion. It is expected to produce 1 million tons of ethylene glycol per year and co-produce 550 million cubic meters of LNG.


On February 1st, Xiaoyi Jinyan Industrial Group and PetroChina China Ryukyu Engineering Co., Ltd., Guolian Energy Industry Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University Coal Combustion Engineering Research Center Comprehensive utilization of gas The annual production of 1 million tons of ethylene glycol joint production of 550 million cubic meters of LNG project in Taiyuan held a signing ceremony, the project is also the province's 2018 key construction projects.

Since the beginning of this year, Xiaoyi City has made every effort to build a national-level development zone and has started the '100-100-strong project to attack the hard-working conference.' The city will focus on building the “2+3” industrial layout of the three core pillar industries of aluminum-based new materials and new coal coking, the three emerging strategic industries of agricultural products processing industry, modern service industry and emerging technology industry.

Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Wenge delivered a speech at the signing ceremony

 Xiaoyi Jinyan Industrial Group is a coal coking-based coal mining, raw coal washing, machine coke smelting, chemical recovery, CDQ waste heat power generation, heat energy supply, new building materials, logistics and warehousing, import and export trade. Comprehensive private enterprise. The contracted coke oven gas comprehensive utilization of 1 million tons of ethylene glycol joint production of 550 million Nm3 LNG project is an important part of the group's 5 million tons of modern coal chemical recycling economic park, the total investment of the project is 8.2 billion yuan, a wide range of products It is applied to the pharmaceutical, chemical, gasoline antifreeze, industrial cold conveying, coating, ink and other production industries. It is the largest LNG project with the most advanced technology and the highest environmental and environmental benefits.

 After the project is put into production, it is expected to increase sales income by 9 billion yuan/year, pay taxes of 1 billion yuan/year, realize profits of 2.5 billion yuan/year, and increase employment by 1,200 people. It is estimated that the annual consumption of coke oven gas is about 1.7 billion Nm3. It can consume about 940,000 tons of coke by-products such as coke, coke and coke. The implementation of the project will promote the reuse of waste, improve the quality and grade of coke, and realize the high value-added utilization of coke oven gas and coke powder, which will further accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading, quality improvement and efficiency improvement. The energy saving, emission reduction and recycling development in the coal chemical industry is of great significance.

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