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Xiaoyi Coke Oven Gas to EG Project Signed

        On February 1, 2018, the provincial key project Xiaoyi City coke oven gas comprehensive utilization project was signed in Taiyuan, the project will help Shanxi to build a coal chemical full cycle industrial chain to achieve clean and high value-added utilization of coke oven gas.

The contracted coke oven gas comprehensive utilization of 1 million tons of ethylene glycol joint production of 550 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas project is the province's key projects, mainly by Shanxi Jinyan Industrial Group, Guolian Energy Industry Investment Fund, China Ryukyu Engineering, The Wuzheng Engineering of Shanghai and the Coal Combustion Engineering Research Center of Tsinghua University have jointly completed the work.Through the support of various resources, funds, technology and other aspects, the coke oven gas will be turned into waste, and the cleaning cycle and high value-added utilization of coke oven gas will be realized.

Ma Hongbo, director of the Coal Combustion Engineering Research Center of Tsinghua University: We are the third generation Jinhua furnace. We can gasify the coal with high ash melting point in Shanxi. Second, we have no environmental problems while gasifying coal. It is very friendly to the environment. Third, our Jinhua furnace technology is more energy efficient after it is put into production.

Wang Baoming, Chairman of Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.: The second-generation technology is about 1400 yuan lower than the current generation of technology that we are currently implementing in China, so that for millions of tons of ethylene glycol (project), annual savings The cost is about 1.4 billion yuan.

Wei Yabin, deputy general manager of China Ryukyu Engineering Co., Ltd.: I think it (project) is a very good platform for high quality development and has a great promotion to the local economy.

Shanxi has jointly promoted energy consumption, technological revolution and foreign cooperation in the pioneering energy revolution. The coke oven gas comprehensive utilization project plans to invest 8.2 billion yuan. After it is put into production, it is expected to consume about 1.7 billion cubic meters of coke oven gas per year, which can consume coke powder. The coke by-product is about 940,000 tons. The newly added revenue was 9 billion yuan and the profit was 2.5 billion yuan. With the launch of the project, it will not only improve the quality and grade of coke, but also accelerate the construction of the core pillar industry of new coal coking in Xiaoyi City.

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